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You can expect a gentle environment to begin exploring your nervous system while also tuning into your body sensations, thoughts and emotions.

Learn to listen and begin living in harmony with your mind, body and heart.


Learn to move through hesitations, anger, blockages and fears with curiosity and safety.

 Expand your capacity for life.


Polyvagal Theory - 

Neurology + Biology of the Nervous System


Internal Family Systems

Attachment Theory

60 mins

1Session - $130

6 Pack - $660

10 Pack - $1000

Online options available

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emotional balancing


online CLASSES


with Wild + United

Practicing for balance isn't being in one state all the time. It's balancing between all states of being and experiencing calm and wonderment over anxiety and fear. 


This series is an inner journey, focused on creating calm for your body while harnessing compassionate self awareness. Replace self improvement with self compassion.


Utilizing Restorative poses and Somatic Meditations this class will focus on: Presencing in the body. Toning the nervous system. Exploration and development of emotional resilience and calling on your inner wisdom. 


Relaxation is vital when changing emotional patterns. Our bodies require a state of homeostasis and calm in order to function well. Fatigue, anxiety, frustration, depression, self doubt, and cloudy thinking can all be symptoms of an overwhelmed system. Cultivating calm and release for the nervous system is a necessary step to healing our body and mind of stress and fatigue. 


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2 part





This series aims to develop an understanding of your nervous system; it’s functions and effects on our health, actions, thoughts and emotions. 


What To Expect?

This series will be a therapeutic environment for your body and mind to understand and experience relaxation, safety and belonging.  

You can expect restorative guided meditations, educational presentations and group discussions. This group has a max of 8 participants to ensure each individual has a healthy and nourishing experience. 



  • Introducing the nervous system.

  • Overcoming Overwhelm: What is stress and anxiety and how is it affecting my body, mind and health.

  • Overcoming Underwhelm: What is depression and how is it affecting my body, mind and health.

  • Integrations: Body based tools for stepping into my fullness!



  • Expanded capacity in times of overwhelm 

  • Experiencing more drive, self confidence & joy

  • Improved sense of intuition & connection

  • Stronger communication and reflection skills 


Total investment: $99




This program will run


28th Nov & 5th Dec


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T.C - Cumberland, BC

I have never experienced therapy like this before. Brumby holds such incredibly safe space to explore your inner environment. She guides you through the session with understanding, compassion, acceptance, curiosity and there is a foundation of trust that she is able to see you, and hold you (metaphorically) in the moments where things come up.

J.M - Online Session

Brumby helped me deal with emotional trauma and the roller coaster it brings by providing tools to find balance again.

Brumby asks the right questions, at the right time, and helped me to uncover wisdom & truth that was hiding in my body. I can't say enough about how transformative these sessions are!

Y.J - Online Session

Brumby has an amazing ability to help me relax into my body and actually feel and challenge my thoughts and emotions as they arise. It's also extremely helpful to see what thoughts elicit certain bodily responses - usually I wouldn't be relaxed enough to notice the patterns. I was also surprised by how easily I went into a relaxed state each time, even though the session was virtual. I greatly appreciate her kind and compassionate nature. Thank you so much, Brumby!