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somatic therapy & Counselling

The Collective Wellness, Courtenay

I offer a therapeutic space for individuals to develop an understanding and connection to themselves, others and the world.

My Somatic Therapy involves education surrounding the human survival states and patterns of behavior. This can be helpful for individuals experiencing constant or elevated levels of worry, anxiety, panic, addictions, low energy, depression, and disconnection.


Polyvagal Theory

Neurology + Biology of the Nervous System


Internal Family Systems

Attachment Theory

"Understanding the science of our bodies replaces the shame

often experienced after unserving emotional reactions"


These sessions can create momentum towards a life of connection, joy, playfulness, laughter and love.


My role is to be an ally as we uncover the potential life energy that lies undiscovered.

60 mins

1Session - $130

6 Pack - $720

10 Pack - $1100

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couples counselling

The Collective Wellness, Courtenay

'Relationships have the potential to increase our lives beyond what we dream imaginable for ourselves'


I offer a safe and nurturing environment for couples to heal themselves through their connection.

I support a wide range of issues surrounding conflicts, blocks, struggles with disconnection, anger, intimacy, family life and understanding unserving patterns or external relationship stressors. 



Somatic Therapy

Polyvagal Theory

Internal Family Systems

Attachment Theory



“What is broken in relationship needs to be healed through relationships”


My couples sessions offer a safe, unbiased space for compassion and connection to grow. 

I incorporate education surrounding the nervous system, attachments and autonomic survival responses that create patterns of behaviour often blocking us from connecting and understanding one another. 

I focus on expanding an individual's capacity to tolerate difficult emotions while increasing emotional capacity to feel and communicate individually and as a couple.


A couple can be defined in a multitude of ways;

all coupling is welcome. 

60 mins

1Session - $160

6 Pack - $870

10 Pack - $1300

90 mins

1 Session - $200

6 Pack - $1200

10 Pack - $1800

"I'd like to book a free consult phone call."

"BEGINNING TO connect WITH YOUR nervous system
is to begin a journey of befriending YOUR connection
to ancient life and wisdom
that runs deep within......"

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T.C - Cumberland, BC

I have never experienced therapy like this before. Brumby holds such incredibly safe space to explore your inner environment. She guides you through the session with understanding, compassion, acceptance, curiosity and there is a foundation of trust that she is able to see you, and hold you (metaphorically) in the moments where things come up.

J.M - Online Session

Brumby helped me deal with emotional trauma and the roller coaster it brings by providing tools to find balance again.

Brumby asks the right questions, at the right time, and helped me to uncover wisdom & truth that was hiding in my body. I can't say enough about how transformative these sessions are!

Y.J - Online Session

Brumby has an amazing ability to help me relax into my body and actually feel and challenge my thoughts and emotions as they arise. It's also extremely helpful to see what thoughts elicit certain bodily responses - usually I wouldn't be relaxed enough to notice the patterns. I was also surprised by how easily I went into a relaxed state each time, even though the session was virtual. I greatly appreciate her kind and compassionate nature. Thank you so much, Brumby! 

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