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NEW Somatic workshop series  coming in March


Learn to fall in love with life.

Uncover lusting love for yourself, your relationships and your world. Begin to lust after this life of yours.

Join me in person for a workshop or one on one somatic therapy sessions at my office in Courtenay, BC Canada. Online options available.



Connect to your body & uncover your hidden wisdom & vitality. Learn about your natural defense states and why you might be stuck in a cycle of anxiety, anger, self doubt or fear.



All relationships will have ruptures, not all relationships know how to repair. Prepare your relationship for repair and uncover hidden passion, safety & support.



It is time to gather and share our healing journeys. Be prepared to be deeply inspired, loved and held. In Person or online. Also available for hire at functions & events.


About Me

Hi! I'm Brumby Berge, and I have a passion for helping people reconnect with their body's vitality. I break down the science of your body's natural defenses, allowing you to  rediscover safety & belonging within yourself, your relationships and your world.


I love to dance, be silly, & sit in wild places. My community is my life & I am sweetly nesting with my husband, son and friends on Vancouver Island.

I look forward to meeting you!

What is somatic therapy?

Somatic Therapy with Brumby empowers you to become an informed expert of your nervous system & your own healing. 

Expect to increase awareness of your body's signs and signals of stress & begin listening to inner wisdom to help guide you to your health, hope, joy & resilience. Brumby's work is based on the Foundations of Poly Vagal Informed Practice:

  • Engaging Rhythm of Regulation

  • Somatic Practice: Healing Trauma & The Body

  • Numa Somatics Breathwork Facilitator Training

Brumby facilitated the most amazing love story. The one where I fell in love with myself.