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Does overwhelm, frustration or shut down block you from feeling connected to your body and inner wisdom?

Our 6-week somatic counselling series is here to help you become an expert on your nervous system and learn how to guide yourself through life with grace, care, and kindness.

All at your own pace!

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Signs of a sick nervous system

  • Constant confusion/fog

  • Feel constant hesitation 

  • Lack of self confidence

  • Quick to anger or panic

  • Feeling numb and disconnected

  • Unable to feel safe/heard/supported in relationships

  • Constant fatigue

  • Need to exercise vigorously to clam

  • Sluggish gut

  • Digestion pain

  • Food Sensitivities

  • Collapsed muscles

  • High blood pressure

  • Constant Muscle tension

  • Body aches/pain

Signs of a healed nervous system

  • Signs of a healed nervous system

  • Clear thinking

  • Access to problem solving

  • Capable of feeling calm

  • Able to receive kindness and care from others

  • Knowing Boundaries and setting them

  • Loving the Self!

  • Excited by new opportunities/ideas

  • Access to energy that facilitates creative and/or social desires. 

  • Feeling capable of kindness and generosity

  • Efficient digestion

  • Vitality in muscles

  • Full facial expressions 

  • Laughter and joy

In this series we cover


Milestones you can expect...


Identifying your body's unique signals and signs when in overwhelm or underwhelm. 

Expanding your capacity to experience challenges in life and use these times to grow and evolve into a life with more safety, joy, trust and spontaneity. 


Feeling safer in the world.

Feeling capable of handling daily flow at work, with friends, family, relationships, etc. 

Practising connecting to self, begin hearing intuition and inner guidance. 

Increased ability to communicate and assert yourself.

Gaining courage and setting boundaries. 

Expanding time receiving joy and connection from the non human world (walks in nature, meditations, spirit, etc). 


Repair of the body, thoughts and spirit

This is medicine! Finding new healthy routines and activities.

Treating your body as it needs and finding your own path to health.


Change and action. 

Learning to live a life lead by your Self and your true desires. 

Becoming a co creator of your life by harnessing your new skills and beginning to make necessary changes. 


Surrender and receive. 

Begin savouring and enjoying your life. Learning to love and accept who you are. 

Beginning to discover your spontaneous joy and feel less restricted. 

Excited for the future.

Falling into divine trust that the world supports your life.



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